AP sources: Dem Health bill to get AARP backing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. The AARP passes on the GOP limited version and endorses the Democrat's health care bill.

    Democrats also moved Tuesday to close a biofuel tax credit loophole, raising about $23 billion to help pay for the legislation.

  2. A Coup? Hardly, the AARP has been for big Government on any program involving seniors.
    The AARP feel they represent the poor uneducated elderly and they must defer to the government to design programs for them.
    In fact most of the elderly are more wealthy then any other age group.
    AARP hardly represents the elderly. Most of the members pay $5 a year for the free coupons. AARP hurts most of its members with its politics
  3. AARP is badly out of step with its membership, most of whom join for discounts. It is hardly representative of the opinion of its membership. Its leaders are chosen in secret, not by any sort of vote by members. There was a scandal involving their last president, who was revealed to be taking over a mill a year in compensation from a supposed non-profit.