AP source: Obama replaces McChrystal with Petraeus

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  2. hussein obsama making George Bush look like George Washington
  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/molly-secours/blabbers-remorse-white-en_b_622612.html

    "What is interesting about the interview is that apart from criticizing and disparaging everyone from his boss, President Obama and the Vice President to Richard Holbrooke--and anyone with a French last name--McChrystal's ego rants don't seem very 'general like.'

    In fact, it is difficult to imagine the words spoken don't belong to a jacked up first semester frat boy who has discovered his new status affords him all the girls he can handle and suffers from the delusion that his 'winning streak' will never end.

    As expected, there is a firestorm brewing over whether or not McChrystal should be fired or forced to resign. Many are screaming foul play and claiming the Obama Administration is hyper-sensitive and over reacting to a little criticism. Really?

    McChrystal told Rolling Stone Magazine--not The Mayberry Courier--that Obama (his boss) was unprepared to be president and that Obama was intimidated by the military brass; that General Jones, the National Security Adviser, is a "clown;" and jokes that he (McChrystal) doesn't even want to read Richard Holbrooke's emails. When asked about Vice President Biden McChrystal says "Who's that?"

    And as if on cue, one of his fraternity brothers (a "top" aide) replies: "Did you say: Bite Me?"

    What is more interesting than McChrystal's ego tirade is the question: what would allow him to believe that he could publicly disrespect and denigrate the President (his Commander in Chief)--which flies in the face of military protocol--without consequence?

    Why did he feel it was acceptable to speak in such a demeaning way about his boss and not compromise his credibility or jeopardize his position?

    And one can't help but wonder if Barack Obama were white, would McChrystal have made the assumption that he could defy military protocol by undermining the Commander in Chief and remain above the fray? Surely he understands better than most the significance of at least "presenting" a united front to the world."
  4. McChrystal had to go no doubt about it. I am more suprised by what petraeus did. Going from central command to commander of afgahnistan war is not it like a demotion? Petraeus used to be McChrystal's boss now he is going to McChrystal;s job. Did Obama promise Petraeus something? Maybe a joint chiefs assignment someday? Maybe VP?
  5. Maybe McChrystal did not want to be under Obama's command, simple as that.

    Get in a few insults and resign. A guy doesn't devote his life following rules to breaking them in a few weeks without some stronger conviction.
  6. maybe this was a ploy to get fired. he is sure to end up with a huge contract from fox news because of this.
  7. Arnie


    Exactly what did he say about Obama?

    I haven't seen any quotes that are about Obama.

    And something else. Don't all the liberals hate Petraeus? Didn't they call him a liar?

    Damn liberals are funny. If a general had said this about the Bush adminitration, he would be hailed as a hero by the left.

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    The notable part starts around :49
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    Quote from Hillary Clinton: Despite what I view as your rather extraordinary efforts in your testimony both yesterday and today, I think that the reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief


    Daily Kos Thanks Hillary for Calling General Petraeus a Liar

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/p-j-gl...y-calling-general-petraeus-liar#ixzz0rhX600Qk
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    That is correct, and the right would be condemning his statements as unbecoming an officer. Mirror, mirror.

  9. It was apparent the commander had lost respect for the administration. Only thing to do (resign).
  10. UMCJ must stand. McChrystal must go.
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