AP Showing Anti-Palin Bias.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jks787s, Nov 17, 2009.

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    palin is a quitter,an absolute vacuous,empty headed bimbo(like that ms california airhead/liar/slut)who has yet to articulate any foreign or domestic policy coherently.She s a beauty queen bimbo.Shes a pathological liar.Shes kookoo.Mccain's team is calling her a liar.The only person defending this bimbo is teabagger welfare high school dropouts.
  3. Exactly right. Palin is a dumb cunt who should be confined to a log cabin somewhere drinking moonshine and watching nascar.
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    Well played, Sir. Well played.
  5. Remind us again about how conservatives are ruining the tone of political debate with their hate speech.
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    Scat, Bernie, Pop Sickle, please remind AAA with a new post.

    Edit: other than that, touche.
  7. Palin derangement syndrome is in full swing. Lefties gotta' have something to distract from the epic failure of the Obama administration.
  8. You appear to be mentally unbalanced. Once again, you are stalking people with whom you disagree. It is time for you to put your keyboard down and seek professional mental help. I wish you good luck with your therapy so that you may one day become a happy, productive member of society.

  9. OK...........but what do you really feel about her ??
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