AP: Obama has the delegates. Higher taxes on the way.

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  1. 12:28pm CST, market sold off the minute this was announced.

    U.S. is much closer to having higher taxes in a time of economic weakness.
  2. Why always higher taxes? Why can it never be LESS F*CKING GOVERNMENT!! :mad:
  3. Huh?

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    Don't worry, from www-order-order.com coments

    Andrew Zalotocky said...

    Worth noting that there are rumours circulating in the American blogosphere that a video is about to become public that shows Michelle Obama ranting about "the white man".

    " There's also some speculation that Clinton's allegedly imminent concession might just be a tactic to give her some plausible deniability while her operatives use this video to attack Obama. Once he was sufficiently discredited she could step back in.

    It's not clear yet how damaging the tape is, if it even exists, but Obama can't disown his wife in the same way that he's dumped his crazy black-separatist pastor. If he turns out to have a crazy black-separatist wife as well it will be very difficult for him to deny that he is totally without sympathy for those views, and suddenly he looks like the candidate who can't appeal to the mainstream."
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    The video is a hoax........doesn't exist.
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    Why Did He...
    Why'd He...

    Play on words...
    Why did he raise taxes...
    Whitey raise taxes...

    Get it?
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    I would think an Obama win over Hillary has already been figured into the market.
  8. You have figured wrong
  9. PPT to the rescue today or do they let investors get a taste of what life will be like under the Muslim tax-raiser? Decisions, decisions...
  10. He's gotta beat Mac first. No way near a done deal.
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