AP IMPACT: Wall Street still flying corporate jets

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Banjo, Dec 21, 2008.

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  2. behead them.
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    This wont see the light of day. The middle class has been annihilated. Wall street gets everything but damn middle class workers having health care. Nobody gave a shit about GM using planes, it was just spoon fed by the media and wall street to disguise the upper class raping of what is left of the middle class. Look at this simple and rude description of what is happening to the US. Someone posted this up on urban dictionary.

    "Totalitarianism. (also national socialism,fascism,international socialism,corporate welfare/coporate socialism,the UN,etc)

    Total utter bullshit.


    Some assholes must finance this bullshit.Hmmm,who could possibly finance these types of globalist fun and games and social engineering experiments? Hmmm,who could it be...who has the money to finance this bullfuckingshit?

    Rich people.That's who.BILLIONAIRES ->Capitalists!!!!!
    Communism and socialism are gay fantasies of the globalists (elitists).

    Communism = rich people telling the poor people to kill the middle class so that the poor people can rule and share the wealth (or more like share the poverty because the rich will still be rich and still rule,and the poor will still be poor...they just got your dumb ass to kill their enemy,the middle class...now they own your poor ass and you're their slave,congratulations,fucktard!)....

    socialism is just communism minus the revolutions,
    in other words the government is just slowly implementing it and slowly conditioning your dumb ass to accept it (let me put it into a digestible soundbite for you, "Mr.Gorbachev,tear down this wall"...that means that the marxist/communist revolutionary approach failed but conditioning people to accept it works much better!)
  4. If I am paying a CEO 2 million dollars a month. I don't want him waiting 2 hours to get through TSA security.
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    What about the Luxurious, Spacious and Expensive office buildings and Office interiors where the Giant companies CEO and executives work from. Also what about the Fleet of expensive cars (mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce).

    What about 5 star & Luxurious Hotel stay during business trips from CEO and executives. Everybody knows what some executives do during business stays in 5 star Hotels. Some executives stay with prostitutes in 5 star hotels.

    There are many millionaires who work from simple rooms and offices. They move about in simple cars.

    There are some Billionaires who live a simple life.

    CEO and executives of giant companies have been Pampered and they have become worthless and wasteful.