[AoRoG] -1- let's cancel TUNISA's DEBTs

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  1. Application of the Rulez of God, Exemple 1 :

    (BTW I am not sure that they have a debt...; it's purely theoretical )

    There are 2 sides in this equation. The bonds holders ( BH ) and the People of Tunisia ( PT ).

    We could at first say that they can never reach an agreement, however both are interdependant. They need each other to prosper.

    For the BH at first it seems to be a bad idea. They will take a direct loss. However in the long run they will 1 make the relationships with Tunisia great. 2 By helping the FREE PEOPLE of TUNISIA to grow and prosper they could end taking bigger loans, with the capacity of reimbursements. In a sense it's make them grow so to kill them latter... to use a hunting analogy.

    With the cancelation of their National Debt the Tunisian People after the hardship they had to endure will be rewarderd... Or a least not penalized from their legacy.

    I am curious to know the position of the Club de Paris and the IMF as both are controlled by people from France, The country that supported this DICTATORSHIP!


    (p.s. I don't have much time to make a nice post with all the scenario but I am sure that even a Monkey can see my point. )
  2. Yeh the point is once again you repturds want to cancel foreign debts but hold average people to there debts,,after all everyone has to be held accountable for there actions,,thats a repturd mantra that is chanted often here.
    Lets forgive an equal amount of americans debt everytime we forgive foreigners debt. George Bush loved to forgive nations debts and passed out american money around the world,,time for this foolishness to stop.
  3. The Wize would repet you : treat other as you want to be treated...

    ( what's a repturds ? Do you have pain to control your keyboard ? You shouldn't be trading :D )

    The M(arket) P(articipant) would say : you are so great please stay in the market !!! ( ahahahah )

    More seriously let's see what you say :

    In U.S.A (inc) NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN FORCED TO A TRADE ! It's void by default. All the people that got in debt did it freely, without the coercition of a weapon. Yes advertisment is powerfull... but still... Please you aren't forced to look at it ?ü?==).

    However as I see it, in Tunisia it was a TRUE DICATORISHIP 23 years in power for the LEADER,... until a young trader of fruit, peace be upon him, Mohamed Bouazizi was trying to make is living... buy low, sell high commoditiyes strat. In fruit very classical (low risks, low rewards). !
    According to this link ( that only the highest thinking intelligensia of the US will be able to read ^^ )
    For a little translation ^^ :
    This guy from Sidi Bouzid ( 40k people s/w from Tunis ) droped of high school ( not college,17y ) due do the death of his father, his trading in fruits was source of income of the familly. However due to the STATE INTERFERENCES WITH THE FREE MARKET, his commodity were taken away by the officials many time, because he didn't had an autorization to sell ( the mark ? and I presume that licences wheren't the most transparent biz in this regime ). So he took his life by burning himself, he died of his injury the 5, january 2011.

    I hope that you could understand that we are speaking about the real hardship that an "average" man has to endure in this "average" world that we share... And why the cancellation of the debt of this Nation ( not the one own by the individual on their private balance )... As the state wasn't in their hands they can't be responsible for what a tyran has done to them. At least this is my opinion.

    Are you trading, investing, putting some money to work ? Do you know rewards,Yes, good dog, so know risks and their realisations, so did you get bailed out ( or will you :D ) ?

    2 Scenarios :

    a) USA is under a tyranny -> 1st you have to remove the tyranny to claim the same benefits...
    b) USA isn't under a tyranny -> You are responsible ! bingo ^^ As bad has it sounds...

    I take your advice. A+