Discussion in 'Stocks' started by muller, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. muller


    Anybody has an opinion about what the stock will be after Time-Warner?
  2. shotse


    i think it will be nothing..look around, no body uses AOL anymore because for what you can pay for with AOL you can get for FREE with google or yahoo..AOL was a big trend 10 years ago..its nothing now since the internet has really developed.
  3. I remember in 1999 hearing an analyst saying that there is no question that AOL won online internet providers competition ;)

    Now AOL is as dead as its chatrooms.
  4. muller


    I don't know how much influence in decisions TWX had in AOL.
    They sure had their reasons to dump them.
    On the other hand, AOL are now free to make their own ways.
    Never heard any news though about innovations or anything.
    And if MSFT YHOO or GOOG or anyone won't show any interest in them (like MSFT in YHOO) then they are surely doomed.

    I see AOL becoming something like RNWK.