AOL/YHOO MSFT bidding war possible

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Just a thought. Should spice things up for the next few weeks. Could be a play here.
  2. Calls are up a ton. Huge volume too
  3. Yahoo will never sell out.
  4. Really? Because I thought YHOO was actually owned by a group of investors trying to make money. My mistake.

    Read a book sometime. They have to sell out.
  5. Didn't work the first time around, putz
  6. Yeah and the stock's down 66%. All they needed was a little convincing.
  7. GOOGLE backs out of ad deal. YHOO up 7%.

    They're gonna get bought haha. Let the bidding begin!!

    YHOO 14.35 ATM. Up nicely. Still holding some calls.
  8. Jerry Yang has some advice for Microsoft: “To this day, I believe the best thing for Microsoft to do is to buy Yahoo.” Yang was the evening headliner for Web 2.0 in San Francisco, interviewed by John Battelle.

    lol you are just a straight up idiot