AOL Senior Exec Fired, Company Said to Be 'Disintegrating'

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  1. AOL Senior Exec Fired, Company Said to Be 'Disintegrating'

    Posted Mar 11, 2008 01:09pm EDT

    by Henry Blodget in Internet, Newsmakers

    AOL fired the head of its Platform A ad-network business yesterday.

    Sources disagreed about why the exec, Curt Viebranz, was canned, but there was little love for AOL's senior management.

    AOL's own media properties are reportedly doing poorly, and the network business, which is doing well, isn't large enough to offset this. Sources say AOL and Yahoo are continuing to talk about a possible merger, but I still don't think this would be a more attractive alternative for Yahoo shareholders than the Microsoft bid.

    Finally, a source tells me that Time Warner's CEO, Jeff Bewkes, plans to give AOL's turnaround until mid-year to show results, at which point he'll sell the company or spin it off.,-Company-Said-to-Be-'Disintegrating'?tickers=twx,yhoo,msft
  2. I still remember the incredible amount of hoopla there was when AOL and Time Warner merged. The media never imagined it would end up this big of a fiasco