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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by windward, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. windward


    Does anyone have or know a way to type a message into AOL INST messager and have it simulcast to multiple users at the saem time. Any thoughts?
  2. This should be do-able. I know in Yahoo Messenger, you can send a message to an entire Group of people.

  3. WarEagle

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    Try holding down CTRL and selecting multiple names, then start a message. That is how it works in Yahoo (I haven't used AIM though).
  4. AIM is the most primitive messenger... Get Trillian and you can do it easily over there to multiple contacts in multiple platforms.

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  5. windward


    trying to access number of clients and seems AIM is the standard on wall st
  6. Turok


    >AIM is the most primitive messenger

    Perhaps, but I can tell you that the AOL "direct connection" feature that allows no size limit peer to peer file transfers sure kicks the heck out of Yahoo.

    I'm using that feature more and more to transfer files between remote trading buddies and it ROCKS!

  7. windward


    Is it possible to send a message to multiple users at same time? Do you know of anyone that could write a program to do it?
  8. You could use WinBatch to create a batch job; basically, enter one message, and then use a script to repeat the task, taking a screen name from a text (comma delim file).
    Not sure AOL's policy would agree with this>
  9. i'mlong


    But AIM limits the amount of characters you can copy and paste into an im