•Obama's Job Approval Rating Is Below 50% for First Time in Quinnipiac Poll

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    Obama is getting no love from nearly any group. He's lost independents (who pretty much broke for him and got him elected), and he's even (and incredibly) managed to piss off the left.

    What's amazing is that the biggest recipient of favoritism by Obama has been corporations and, especially, Wall Street.

    Obama surrounded himself with the same assholes who advised Bush II, Clinton, Bush I and Reagan, and he even managed to kick Volcker (the only patriot who had a chance to breach the inner circle) to the curb.
  2. He has been under 50 on Rasmussen for sometime now. Its only going to get worst for him. Just wait to Khalid Sheik Muhummed shows up in New York for his trial. Its going to be a complete circus. It will make the OJ murder trial look tame. All thanks to Obama.
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    Just for the record, where's your Obama love gone?

    Conservatives in this very forum warned you last fall. But in your ignorant arrogance and foaming at the mouth Bush derangement syndrome you supported BO anyway, and called all of us idiots for not joining you.

    Man enough to admit your mistake?
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  5. Lucrum,

    I think you're being slightly unfair. BLSH has said before what a fool Obama is - and no, I'm not going to spend the time to go find his posts. I do remember reading them, though.

    I voted for Obama and I'm sorry I did (as I've said before). I'll man-up and admit my mistake.

    I even registered at ImsorryIvotedForObama.com

  6. A lot of people simply fell for the "rock star" propaganda last fall.

    Understandable, but as mentioned, a mistake.
  7. Having the 9/11 terrorists trials in NYC... just before the 2012 election... so Obama can highlight things about Bush, CIA, waterboarding... while giving huge spotlight and voice to Jihadists to call for MORE Jihad... Is the pinnacle of narcissism and hubris by Obama and his lackeys.

    Can you imagine....

    1. What if there is a terrorist attack in NYC again during the trials and more Americans get killed?

    2. What if by some technicality of our legal system the conspirators actually have to be set free?

    The Obama administration is behind this as a political ploy, nothing more. Just ANOTHER example of

    O ne
    B ig
    A ss
    M istake
    A merica... :mad:
  8. no CHANGE has been forthcoming, even democrats are increasingly disillusioned with this joker who is just sitting in the white house hosting long lost family reunions and gorging on wagyu beef.
  9. Anyone with a clear head can see that Obama will continue to keep falling. It will be months and quite possibly years before unemployment starts going positive. Look at the last 30 years and you will see unemployment and presidential approval correlating almost every year.

    The second issue for Obama and quite possibly one of the biggest political blunders of the century is Afghanistan. If you would have asked 1,000 starry eyed liberals what change meant last year 90% of them would have included the ending of wars. Even though Obama attempts to appease liberals with such issues as Fort Hood and Kalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial it looks like he is still planning on escalating Afghanistan. This is a gigantic political blunder for two reasons. Not only does his entire base disagree with escalation but a large amount of independants and a surprising number of conservatives disagree with escalation as well. Somebody needs to tell him that his Anti-Bush image is the only thing that keeps him afloat.
  10. I've ripped Obama apart more than most, and I posted this thread as well as many others indicating my distaste for Obama's policies, dumbass.

    Congrats, you're one of the most obtuse members of ET, and that's saying a lot.
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