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  1. Anyone been watching AOB lately? Yesterday 11/14/05 it drops from around $7.50 to around $5.50 in 1/2 hour just before lunch. Huge volume too. Meanwhile AOB is reporting terrific earnings. Today it's up, then drops again. Anyone have any info on this one?
  2. Ive been following it mainly because one of my friends had a "large" stake in it until yesterday that is. It seems they released earnings during market hours. I think that may have had something to do with the sharp pre-noon selloff.
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    I had expected the market to sell on its earnings no matter how good they were (eps could have been better, I think). It was a classic sell on the news deal as the price had run up so much in expectation of good earnings. So I was out of most of my position at a little over 7. I bought back in at 5.97. I had expected it to fill the gap around 6-6.15, but it ran all the way down to 5.25. Fortunately it recovered the 5's for the most part.

    Right now it is testing the bottom of a daily trendline and I think this is a great price to buy a nice growth company. I am looking to sell some again in the lower 8's. I think the long term potential for this stock is great though.

    Another stock I like alot with great growth and fundamentals, akin to AOB, is PainCare PRZ.