Anywhere to get STREAMING real time quotes on Shanghai Indicies?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gangof4, Jun 10, 2007.

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    i use IB and they don't provide real time quotes (or any quotes) for any of the Shanghai indicies. Does anyone know of a source to get these quotes? ideally, i am trying to find real time, dynamically updating quotes/charts. i am not trying to trade the Chinese market, i need the real time data because i trade the SGXNK and HSI.

    Right now, the best (which is horrible, but better than nothing) i have found is Yahoo China- but i have to keep refreshing, and the server times out A LOT!

    i am willing to pay for this data- so i'm not just talking about free sources.

    i've googled my head off and found nothing like what i need.


  2. mokwit


    Metastock Quotecenter carries RT Shanghai and Shenzen stocks (and presumably indices as well). $135 + $30RT SS + $15 RT SZ


    the indices seem to update close to rt on this pg. 3937 + .62%

    not streaming but hey its china:D
  4. joesan


    Can you read Chinese ?

    If you can, go to and search

    tons of free streaming charting software, covering all stocks & commodity futures availabe in Chinese market, and they are free. Yes, realtime market data in China is FREE.
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    If you subscribe to HK stock data (200 HKD per month or roughly $25 USD), a proxy can be the A-share tracker, stock code 2823.
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    a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who answered.


    Go4 (and yes- named after the band, not after what the band was named after!)
  8. I also use this one, it's realtime. If you can't read chinese, the first tab is intraday, the second tab is daily candlestick, the third is weekly, the fourth monthly.

    One thing to remind you is in Chinese stock market quotes red is positive and green is negative ( Chinese people like red color):D
  9. gangof4


    yeah, i used the sina quotes last night- jsut need to make sure you allow allow the scripts to run so it's dynamic).

    strange, 1st day i had reliable streaming real time and it's the first day i've lost $ in the HSI in 2 weeks! go figure. granted, the smaller range yesterday and my rookie-esque mindset that it HAD to go down because of the US markets/bonds is what got me in trouble. still, $140 loss for 6 hours of horrific trading felt kinda like a win- coulda been a lot worse (and was)...