Anytime I hear tea party republicans throwing the word "elites"

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  1. I think of the Khmer Rouge

    Over the next years, the Khmer Rouge killed many intellectuals, city-dwellers, minority people, and many of their own party members and soldiers who were suspected of being traitors.[5]

    Suspected capitalists encompassed professionals and almost everyone with an education, many urban dwellers, and people with connections to foreign governments.

    I am not sure I would like a Tea Party type government. Anyone against education is bad for the US.
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    Tsing Tao

  3. Don't worry, no one considers you a part of the elites.
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    The Tea Party = The Khmer Rouge?

    Stupid Post of the Day Award.
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    Those radical people who want to see a politicians create a responsible govt with a balanced budget. The people who have jobs, family and responsibilities are just so scary. The political group in america with the highest earnings per capita and the best education... they are likely to take over the govt and then....... cut their own heads off.

    note to op... the stats show that the tea party earn more and have higher education... they are not going to be against education.