Anything tradeable on a Saturday?

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    Hello all,

    Forex is open from Sunday 5 pm through Friday, futures are tradeable from 8:30 PM on Sunday, but is there any kind of financial instrument in the world that you can trade on a Saturday? Or is Saturday a forever non-tradeable day?

    Thanks for any answers...
  2. Learn how to play poker online. Same rules apply as in trading and it's much less stressing and more fun. Oh, and there is no government intervention and manipulation.
    Otherwise you can start slignin crack rocks, from Boiler Room;
    The Notorious BIG said it best: "Either you're slingin' crack-rock, or you've got a wicked jump-shot."
  3. There is a gun show in Houston in October. Should post a record volume of trades.
  4. Georgii


    I've never played poker before. I never understood why people compare that to trading, outside of the fact that you're taking risk with money and are probably using some kind of money management scheme. Also, what about the odds as compared to trading?

    Just curious...
  5. When it comes to casinos and the lottery, the participant has a guaranteed loss. Odds favor the house.
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    if you've never played poker before then you won't understand how they're comparable. download pokerstars and play with some play money and see how its done.

    the odds are only what you, and everyone else makes them. just hop in.
  7. WR2 Poker,

    Can't learn it in school, and you can't get a late start

    if your over 19, fugit :D
  8. For the uninformed, most islamic economies have their weekend on thursday and friday. Their exchanges are open SAT and SUN.

    Israel also has a different weekend
  9. Wow, no kidding? Learn something every day. Then again I don't know any Muslims.
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