Anything similar to Reuters?

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  1. fvcarlos


    I am choosing software and was using Reuters Plus prior.

    Anybody know of other software that is similar?


  2. just21


    What is Reuters Plus like and how much does it cost?
  3. fvcarlos


    I thought it was good. I trade rather on simple ideas and am not too technical, so I dont really know the extent of the product probably.

    I'm surprised though that some other software out there does not provide things like a simple intraday chart from the opening to the close of the day without continuing data from the prior day.
    Also, other software doesnt provide multiple day volume averages, like a 10 day avg. vol. for a stock.

    Reuters Plus did have quote passing which was cool, and I used a lot of double click assignments that really helped speed your execution side of things.

    In terms of costs, I recently talked to Reuters and it is defenitely on the expensive side of things. I was looking at $475/month and not even sure if I was getting everything I needed. Reuters also makes it tough because they want a year long contract. They do have a 30 day free trial, but I'm not sure if you can get everything you want in that trial.

    Thanks for the reply. Wasnt sure who is all here on this holiday.

  4. fvcarlos


    y, bloomberg definitely.

    Do you know of any others?

    I'm trying to keep down my costs.
  5. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal


    eSignal has all these features, and is priced much less then $475/mo. Please also know we've received "Best Real-time Data" award for the last 11 years from Stocks & Commodities Magazine. If I can help further, please let me know.
  6. Reuters plus? gee I wonder what firm you could have been

    Seriously though, when I left Schonfeld, I was really worried that finding similar software to the stuff I'd been using for the last 7 years would be a massive problem. It wasn't.

    I found Echotrade's Echopro to be a very suitable replacement.

    P.S.... how are things at Shoney these days?
  7. fvcarlos


    I have checked out Echopro, but it doesnt do what I want surprisingly.

    I was leaning towards trying Tradestation, but I was bummed they dont offer a 30 day free trial. Plus if i dont like it, they refund nothing.

    If you know of anything else to consider, im open to ideas. I was even checking out Insight/possible relation to Schonsite?

    In regards to Shoney, I'm no longer with them.
    The latest rumor I heard over the weekend is that Shonfeld may go down to 100 traders.
    Moreover, a lot of the rumors I hear do come true.

    tx 4 reply.

  8. mr_minty


    hey, is this carlos from the defunct L.A. schony office? i wouldn't be surprised if schony cut down to 100. I'm one of the LA remote traders and am pretty sure they don't like having anyone trade remotely. Needless to say, my head will probably be on chopping block soon if what you say is true. May have to go back to NYC office sooner than i thought! In terms of software, I was thinking tradestation or esignal and first alert. first alert is much more powerful than schonsite, but then again what isn't? although i have heard that first alert might not be available to individuals anymore except for an exorbitant price, so i might end up with tradestation...they have a radar screener that would do everything i need and the backtesting is helpful...not sure who i would want to clear trades through though. hope that helps a little. trade well.
  9. fvcarlos


    y, i am the carlos u r thinking of.

    i even kit w/another ex-schoney l.a. remote guy who just went to the west l.a. andover/assent office. he is sorta in the same software predicament as i. he now is using esignal.

    just to keep thing straight, i think schonfeld is a good place. i give them props for teaching me what i know today. it's a bummer they had to close their l.a. office. i do question though how they kept giving guys buying power, would watch them get stopped out every day, but would give no buying power chance to guys who were breaking even or up slighty. such is life.

    k, back to the software side of things. one thing that reuters provided that i thought was fairly simple is not available on esignal, echopro, and tradestation(which i just downloaded the other day). what im talking about is intraday charting that shows data from 630 to 4. not contiunous. not scrolling. the data just fills in the chart as the day goes. the lines are more volitile in the begining of the day because its basicly fresh, new data. i talked to tradestation tech support and they said its the type of written software that makes charts this way, but again tradestation does not have their software settup this way. im not sure how im going to adapt, but i will.

    in regards to the radar screen tradestation provides for an extra $59/mo., it sounds a lot like schonsite/break high/break low, which i like. as of now though, im not paying for it, but am very interested in it in the near future.

    interesting sidepoint: i saw in google that steven schonfeld became a board member of tradestation some time ago. wonder if that might be why radar looks a lot like schonsite? dont forget about insight, too; though i actually never got to see that stuff.

    well, tx for reply.

    trade well.

  10. I use to have a Rueters at the Coast. When they shut that place down from the PCX/Archi merger I wanted to take it off the floor but they wouldn't let me. I ended up getting a RealTick and I still use it today. It's a little different from the Rueters but once you get use to it, it works very good. I would say the biggest difference with the two is the ticker, time & Sales, and the block count. Other than that the system rocks and is very customizable.

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