Anything else besides Esignal?

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  1. I'm currently using Esignal but I see a lot of people don't like it...I'm not exactly sure what ninja trader is...

    Any suggestions?
  2. Yes, I have a suggestion for you before it is too late for you. Just use a reliable EOD data service, often IBD newspaper will do it for some people.

    Do callculations by hand if possible for your market and look at free daily charts in the web. Use an EOD charting tool for more complicated things and backtests.

    If you cannot make tons of money doing this, looking at intraday charts will do no good to you, actually you will lose all your money one day. Look at my thread Trading Math -1 for the certainty of risk of ruin.

    Of course, there are some experts out there with math algos that make money tradign intraday but those are geniouses with a 180 IQ and good education, 1 out of 100,000 traders maybe.

    Forget about toys like eSignal and other seductive tools for users unless you are 1 out of 100,000.
  3. Lornz


    IQ of 180 is >1/1,000,000

    I only have an IQ of ~145 (SD15), but I somehow managed to do it.

    Maybe you should revise your number to 1/1000.

    Assuming the IQ of traders also is normally distributed, of course.
  4. Depends on the scale and normalization. I think you are at about 190 on my scale:)
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    Aw, you made me blush... :D
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    Try IQfeed for data