Anything better than TT?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Whizo, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Whizo


    Would like to know if any of you ETers have some ideas about futures trading platforms?

    I have been using TT for almost 3 yrs(1.5 yrs I had no choice- employers platform), and I actually think it is garbage.

    I have traded equities on several platforms--the best being the Hammer.

    The customizability of the Hammer was great. (I love using hot keys as opposed to point and click trading).

    While TT does offer some hot key options, one must use keys as defaulted by TT--hence you cant customize.

    It is beyond me how TT, the supposed "creme of the crop"of futures platforms has absolutely no customizability.

    This thread is not meant to be TT bashing, rather I am looking for some constuctive suggestions for alternatives.

    My bread and butter is yield curve, (TT auto spreader also garbage--I can give up edge on both legs too-- dont need an auto spreader to do that. Legging is the only way if you ever hope to get an edge-- believe me) however I like to dabble swing trading in other mkts.

    So in a nutshell here is my dilemna--I trade enough size to actually warrant being an exchange member, but the firms out there offering reasonable commish rates all pretty much use TT.

    Just hoping I can get some suggestions


  2. Whizo


    Anyone have some suggestions?
  3. RedDuke


    TT is great.

    Another good option is NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire feed.
  4. I'm curious as well. I use TT but have the same issues as you.

    Stability though is a wonderful thing. Not so sure I want to give that up for gimmickry but I sure could use some flexibility...
  5. Whizo


    Red Duke,

    After reviewing ninjatrader site, I was unable to determine if order entry can be customized with hot keys.

    Is there anyone out there that trades futures with hot keys as opposed to point and click?

    Thanks for any input.

  6. CQG for futs

    Sterling Trader Pro for equities and options (and Futs backup).
  7. virgin


    Which one of those have a static dome like TT ?
  8. RedDuke


    I use mouse, so never explored this option. Just e-mail their support, and you'll have an answer very quick.
  9. RedDuke


    Ninja does.

    CQG is a great charting, but I have heard that as execution it way behind TT and the like, never used it myself though.
  10. Digs


    What the hell is TT, what the http
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