Anything Better than IQ Feed?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Beast84, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Beast84


    I am sick and tired of IQ Feeds' bullshit. They lag behind by almost 3 seconds compared to my trading platform.
    I use Quotetracker.

    Is their anything better than IQ Feed but cheaper than CQG.
    I perfer a charting service that comes with data feeds.
  2. Just spring for CQG. I did, the confidence I now have for my fast intraday trading is amazing.

    I am trading much better, yesterdays fed decision was outstanding, full of opportunities. No lags, no corrupt data.

    I have CQG basic.
  3. just21


    The Interactive Brokers feed was very solid yesterday with amibroker. I am going to try ninjatrader with it next.
  4. I use Quotetracke with Ameriitrade as my quote source. What is CQG? I didn't see it on qt's sight.
  5. Esignal is about your only option if your looking to recv robust data into quotetracker (not that they're any better).

    mymini, I'm beginning to think you have a vested interest in cqg. We get the point, give it a break.
  6. j1900q


    I don't think you can beat IB's feed. I do know that e signal and quote. com both lag
    a bit.
  7. I have to agree about IQ feed into Quotetracker. They have the same problems with Sierra also. Mine works great except when the market gets fast. Then it stops working for a few seconds and then 'bursts' to catch up. For $75 a month, you'd think it would be flawless.
  8. stylark3


    You're not limited to IqFeed in Quotetracker.

    You can used just about anybody's data feed in Quotetracker.

    There is a drop-down selection on the top right-hand corner of the quotetracker screen that says "Site" (it located to the left of the "Menu" Button).

    Click on it and you will see 10's of selections of other data feeds you can choose from.

    I choose my Etrade broker datafeed.

    But, you can choose from just about any brokers feed which when you select them will ask you for your broker's platform userid and password. And that's it!
  9. abaker


    Whats the CME chart and data package like?

    Do they lag also. I would certainly hope not since the data is coming from source. However, lol, ive found in the retail datafeed and charting software market, that features/functions that I would consider as standard, simply arent. So if the CME package also lagged, that wouldnt surprise me either.
  10. Beast84


    If I open up an account with IB, will they give me a user ID and Password without putting money in the account? I just want to get their data feed.
    #10     Aug 9, 2007