Anything besides ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by michael21, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi trader here. I have found I have had some success trading some treasuries and the ES. I get bored, however, sometimes and make stupid trades.

    What else can I trade to fill the gaps?

    For now I'm trading 5 and 10 lots

    Thanks and any help would be appreciated.
  2. PIZZ


    want to put a little pep in ur step try trading oil :D
  3. Oil will surely give you a 'fun' ride. Wed is inventory, so pull up a chart and see how she looks.

    Silver is also moving as well.

    Just be aware - they say once you go CL you never go back.

  4. Lol thanks...That thing is crazy!

    Silver may be a good idea-i'll take a look.

    What else has solid liquidity?

    I don't need crazy movement like the mini Dow just enough to snag a tick here or there :)
  5. bone

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    Pizz, you are giving advice about a contract where you don't know the tic value ? (see Energy forums)

    Please reconsider.

    Survive first.
  6. If oil is 'crazy' then don't bother looking at silver.

    Other than indexes and commodities, you are basically left with bonds and currencies to keep in markets that are liquid. If you want to trade size but nothing like oil, then perhaps bonds? Those things can sure put you to sleep at times.

    Or something like the 6E would be a possible middle ground.
  7. I'll cast a vote for 6E as well. It's a nice complement to the ES, as it has good activity during both the London and US sessions.

    Have you looked at the Russell (TF)? Not nearly as active after hours, but could offer something to watch during US when you are cat-napping on the ES.

    For commodities, corn and wheat are fairly liquid (ZC/ZW) and can offer some good trends.
  8. PIZZ


    No not giving advice, just commenting on what ive seen so far. I think you'll agree with me though on my comment. :D
  9. bla88


    i say go for trading oil, it gives lots of action. especially this past week. or since you trading es, take a look at tf also.
  10. SI is currently moving about 4 times CL

    you either become rich or get liquidated in short time ;-))

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