Anyone working for Title Trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kongbai, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. kongbai


    Anyone know much about Title Trading ?

    Anyone have any experience/knowledge about them?
  2. the same as swifttrade.
    if you have other questions,you can sent me a email.i will tell you all i know.
  3. Same as Swift, except they have a better payout. 50% from the start. I believe it goes as high as 60%.
  4. fxmarek


    Not exactly.

    While they are very similar business models (Title & Swift), it is hard to compare them in general (you should compare branches to branches). It depends where you live. You should visit both branches and wherever you feel more comfortable (look who is trading there, what kind of training are they offering, etc...) thats where you should start.

    The payout at SWIFT is 35% to start and 40% at Title (at least in my town). The transaction cost / trade is little cheaper at SWIFT (but there have been some complains from elite trader board member regarding the software reliability )

    I am not associated with any of them as of now but I am considering joining either Swift or TITLE. From what I have gathered so far (thanks to this forum) is that in General Title has a better opinion here ( I guess you have more flexibility and less politics) but in my case I am probably leaning closer to start with Swift (at least to learn) and then I will see.

    Good luck wherever you start !