Anyone working for Alefbit - managing crypto portfolio?

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    OK so no fees, good but what are other conditions during demo ? like no of days, day or swing? drawdown, what thresholds you need to pass to get real funding etc
    There is not much info on the website!
    also how after 3 months are you funded? rejected? what is your own experience?
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  2. orbit23


    1) Maximum exposure to any asset other than BTC is 15%.

    Maximum exposure to USD/USDT: 50%
    2) Starting assets: 100 btc.

    3) BTC is the benchmark to measure your portfolio returns.

    Guidelines enforcement:
    1st offense: warning
    2nd offense: alert before action
    3rd offense: lock account and cool off for a week

    The returns that we see from traders in the trial period are between 15%-60%.
    The signal provider is entitled to 35% from his returns

    That's all i know. Also i think it was listed how much capital you get, i think it's 50k$ to begin with on the first month and you get upgraded if you are doing well, but i don't know the numbers by heart.

    I'm only 1month in the demo so far. My problem with it is that they are using Coinmarketcap datafeed, all exchanges will hit a certain price, but you will not get filled there, which has proven costly for me.

    Basically you get 100BTC and then you can allocate them - buy altcoins, go into usdt with max 50% of yuor portfolio, or short altcoins.

    I have no idea how the real thing works. I THINK it's long-only by buying spot on binance? But i am not sure really, just a guess.
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    Update: Apparently they haven't managed to raise enough capital and are shutting down their operations

    I made slightly over 30% in 3months on their demo & according to those rules... But it's useless now :confused: Does anything similar exists elsewhere? I liked the idea.
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    I am looking for crypto prop firm if anything alike exists? That alefbit would've been perfect for me, their execution was very poor and i'd assume that's why they failed.

    Is there anything like it?
    The conditions are really favorable right now for trading crypto.
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    exit scam LoL
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  6. orbit23


    why? It's not like you could lose anything?

    I think it was a good idea, but poorly executed.
    Eg. you want to be exposed to crypto, you have a lot of money, but no clue about the markets. So you invest in a fund that is managed by a portfolio of traders.

    I believe they failed because of poor execution, atleast the demo was really shitty. I could put together a better demo product in a day myself...
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    bitcoin was a noble experiment turned into buttcoin and crypto the industry is a ponzi scam
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