anyone worked under gurus?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 0008, May 21, 2005.

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    Just for curious

    Did anyone here work under some trading gurus (James Simons/Soros/Steve Cohen etc.)?

    Did you learn somethings that are really useful?
  2. I learned about language, grammar and sentence construction.
  3. I worked for Izzy Englander. Although his name is not as well known as the one's you referred, I would claim he is a legend in the business nonetheless. Certainly on par with David Shaw of D.E. Shaw. I learned a lot about discipline, frugality and basically being an outright money making machine. I'm still trying to put some of the lessons into practice. As you would expect, he is not a teacher, rather, you have to learn by observation and example.
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  5. ================

    More of a businessman/investor ,
    than trader like David Shaw;
    but like Shaw, had a lot of diferent edges.

    Mr.Goldstein and another gentleman & perhaps his wife ran the company;
    they moved lots of soybeans, scrap steel,corn, coal,occasional oats.

    They helped move it up;
    helped move it down.

    Actually something the Goldstein family excelled in something and I didnt even realize the great importance of it till i worked for several other companys, which were not even comparable.

    They treated /loved me like family in a good sense;
    free food/great food= amazing was thier food bill!!!!!!!!
    Christmas/Hannukah cash bonus
    thanksgiving smoked turkey, or ham,got the freetake home turkey,
    profit sharing if you stayed long enough. And much more.

    Private company, think i wont give his & partner's first or wifes name.
  6. Really cool guy -- met him last year at their office off Fifth Ave. He was so non-descript, but clearly loved the green stuff. I expected that he would toss us after a few minutes, but he spent an hour with us and was a gracious host. Great sense of humor with lots of salty expressions...