Anyone Work With Active Trader Magazine ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Monkman, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Monkman


    I was wondering if anyone worked with Active Trader Magazine. Many times magazine companies will have reps sell their publication at a very discounted price in order to increase their circulation. If anyone can help let me know.

    - Monkman
  2. Surdo


    Active Trader is an excellent publication for wrapping fish!
  3. sulli


    or lining the bottom of your bird cage! :p
  4. empee


    I find this to be an excellent magazine, especially for new ideas. I was going to submit an article myself, anyone have a good contact?
  5. It's been noted many times that their advertising department works wonders if you purchase some space. :D
  6. empee


    im not selling anything??

  7. Monkman


    I personally like their interviews of active traders, and analysis of chartpatterns. If anyone knows how I can get a discounted subscription let me know. Otherwise I am just going to continue reading it at the bookstore.

    - Monkman
  8. (1) If you're at Border's or Barnes & Noble while reading the magazine, be sure to atleast buy something from the cafe'. (2) Ask the store manager what becomes of the unsold magazines. You might be able to get one for a nice price.
  9. I don't subscribe, although I've considered it. But is it worth a trip to the bookstore every month to save $5 (the monthly price if you subscribe for a year)?

    Something to consider.....I don't think they want to give away their magazine cheap.
  10. ==================================

    Yes i also would & have have find some way of rewarding Barnes & Noble, because some book sellers put mags in cello wrap to stop us from free reads.

    Barnes & Noble booksellers has benches to read free on ;
    & soft chairs on which to read thier books free :D
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