Anyone work at Simplex Investments?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by wisconsinbadger, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for any information possible on this firm:
    what do they look for in hiring?
    i heard they have a logic test, what is this like?
    capital contribution?

    (the other thread doesn't contain much useful information)
  2. jsmooth


    There are tons of threads about Simplex (use the search)....I interviewed for them a few months back and I never really followed up with them (but heres some info i remember from the interviews):

    They have two firms, one that is their prop group (you get paid a small salary + bonus'....from what i remember, they just make markets on options, trading firm capital), and they also have a individual account/prop group (you can deposit some cash and get leverage and day trade the options yourself). They got groups/traders from all different backgrounds....a lot of ex-CBOE market makers and also some recent grads with less than 10k in their accounts. If you deposit money and do the prop route, they do offer some classes/training and you trade through a Think or Swim platform/clearing.

    As for their logic was a 20 minute test plus some "mental math" and problem solving questions during the interview. I've been on a lot of "junior trader" interviews (and i've already worked on the floor) and I found their test to be more difficult than most others.
  3. good info.