Anyone with TradingBlox experience?

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  1. Hello all,

    Just continuing my search for an easy to use backtesting program and I came across TradingBlox. I have taken a look through the website and it looks decent for starters, but I was wondering if any of the fellow ET'ers out there have had any experience using it? There were 3 positive feedbacks under the Software rating forum, but that is hardly comprehensive so I was just looking for any further insight.

    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it..

  2. what do you want to know about it...
  3. I guess for starters I was more or less curious as to what you thought about the program in general? Such as the pros/cons that you have identified by using it. Also, and more importantly, does it allow you to create your own systems, or does it only allow you to change the parameters of the pre-built systems that come included with it? The "introductory video" is very vague and I can't quite identify whether or not you have full control and complete freedom in developing your own systems from scratch. For instance, would you be able to scan for long/short strategies based off of extreme short-term price movements (i.e. seeing how a long strategy would fare after a stock has dropped 10-20% during 3-5 day period, and being able to see the returns based on different exit criteria and holding times, etc..)?

    Something along those lines..

    Thanks again,

  4. the builder version if your familiar with coding you can construct your own systems that uses EOD(end of day) data, if you don't want the builder version, you get some common systems....

    I liked the software, for just historical number crunching. Lot of ideas seem plausible but when implemented you will see that the historical numbers show significant drawdowns.

    So its good to experiment with 'what if' scenarios...

    You will find that that use the systems, a large capital base is needed to follow through with the multiple signals in the broader future markets. You can tailor the futures to single instruments, meaning, that signals can be tested in bonds only or equities.

    For futures you will run into other issues in terms of how rollover of historical data is handled. So just exposing yourself to the whole process, the price is worth it.

    the forums section has a lot of info there too.

    Can systems be created that you religiously follow that show historical promise with drawdowns that can be tolerated.... yep.
  5. Chriz


    At the time i tested Tradingblox it wasnt suitable for intraday backtesting, which is a no-go for me.

    I have heard that its now possible to work with intraday data but i dont have an idea if its good or not. Most TB users seem to be EOD traders.
  6. Thanks for the responses, I appreicate it..

    I noticed that Wealth-Lab is only available through Fidelity if you are a US citizen AND if you trade through them at a frequency of at least 120 trades in a 12-mth rolling period at a ridiculously high commission cost. So my question is this: Is anyone aware of a way of getting the program if you are a US citizen and DO NOT plan to trade with Fidelity?

    Thanks for the help,

  7. "Wealth-Lab Developer 4.0 is sold for a one-time licensing fee of $650. "
  8. Right, but that is for non-US and Canadian citizens only because of the aforementioned Fidelity relationship.

    - Jon
  9. oo now i see , damn thats weird
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