Anyone with Lightspeed as a broker?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Jack_Larkin, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Anyone with Lightspeed as a broker?

    Apparently they don't take Canadian clients due to regulations.. but that problem aside I was hoping to hear people's experiences with them as a substitute to a prop firm.

    Before stumbling upon their site, I was looking at InteractiveBrokers as a retail alternative.. but Lightspeed seems to be cheaper for what I trade (ETFs on AMEX.)

    How's the platform? How's execution?
  2. mmm... there was a reply here but it was deleted before I could read it.

  3. birdman


    Hang in there Jack :) surely somebody will come along soon with some firsthand experience. It's a good valid question. I too am subscribed to the thread.

    I've never traded ETFs but i wonder if it might fit you to have a Schwab account where you could trade Schwab ETFs for free. Just a thought.

    Me, I'm an old, slow poke and i use Ameritrade and have a special half price deal there so I'm pretty happy with it.

    But Lightspeed looks interesting. I look forward to reading the info.
  4. Lightspeed was the best system i have ever uses. Anvil was very good as well but i liked LightSpeed because it had less bells and whistles making nit more simplistic.