Anyone with good choices for daytrading options

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  1. I have been hitting APPL, but am at the point I need to diversify. ANy thoughts on some others with good volume/fills would be appreciated. I am not at the point of moving the market so don't fear I will ruin your edge, or anyone else here. I'm just looking for some good ideas. AApl has been good for me, but I would like to have a couple alternatives.
  2. I will say I am sitting on a put order assuming another test of 500, but am sweating that the 500 mark maybe drive it hard higher. I love this business.
  3. would you want to trade an index?? the SPY, DIA, QQQ, etc. are super liquid and do a ton of volume.
  4. Sure, but so far I have gotten better fills for individual equites than indexes. I have traded SPY a few times, but overall it hasn't been as good as AAPL, buy
    any means. I will keep looking at it and thank you for the idea.
  5. yes, the apple trade has been phenomenal this week, ESPECIALLY if you've been using options. I have been doing good also trading POT, but that's more of a personal stock I trade so I have better feel for it, rather than being super liquid. QCOM has been good to me lately too.
  6. I'll look at them, and I have made AAPl a pet so to speak, but did so as the volume is there for fills. I will run my searches also, and take input here to help reduce the universe.
  7. not to start an internet fight on a sat morning but how are you getting better fills on a stock vs the spy's or qqq's?
  8. Sorry, I mistated what I meant. I meant a better range, not fills. I've never had a problem with fills on the SPY or QQQ. I like the range that has been available in AAPL, and would like to find a couple more with good volume and range.
    Thanks for catching that.
  9. +1. stocks def have higher atr's than the indices. you can screen for them by looking for stocks w/ a weekly atr above 10% of stock price for instance.

    another idea for those wanting to take a flyer on options is to buy options AFTER an earnings announcement during expiry week. jeff augen discussed this idea and it has validity. you're not paying up for iv since you're buying after the release and there's usually a good trend that you can ride. obviously this is extremely high risk and be prepared to lose everything but it's more of loss $1 five times then make $25 on one.
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    Take a look at the SPXW's (the weekly SPX options). Note that they wont be trading this week as it is expiration in the regular pit traded SPX (which has incredibly wide markets)
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