anyone with GFX?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by lite, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. lite


    i just did a search and found this new broker from Switzerland.

    established in 2005

    2-3 pips

    minimum opening deposit: $2000.

    anyone with it?
  2. zousan


    I have live account with GFX.
    But I am novice of FX.
    And the account just opend last month.
    Therefore, I do not understand details of what one are they.

    At present, there is no inconvenience.
    I will report again, after experiences variously.
  3. lite


    thank you.

  4. Where do you live? In the states?

  5. zousan



    I live in asia.
    So I can have account.

    I can open account with OANDA,CMS,SAXO.(they are my best3)
    and MIG(to try MT4),
    Marketiva(to enjoy chatting with another account holder),
    GFX-S.A(to see sensitive chart of forex and to see real price of NASDAQ,DOW,OIL......)
  6. zousan


    The order is not executed easily.
    It fairly takes time to present the requort.
    I recall FXCM's dealer check.....
    Can't trade dealing quickly here.
  7. Here is the latest responce from GFXsa.....

    Dear Dave,

    Thank you for contacting GFX Group SA.

    At the moment we are not able to accept clients from the US. However, we expect this to change in the near future.

    Please visit our website soon for future updates.

    Best regards,

    Agnes Essig

    GFX Group SA
    World Trade Center 1
    Route de l'Aéroport 10
    1215 Geneva 15

    I will be waiting for that to happen. I like this broker.


    edit: And with an address like that(world trade center,Geneva) you know there good.

    I would still start with small money untill I got a feel for the withdrawls.
  8. zousan


    But this broker is suitable only for the Place order.
    Don't you mind?
  9. zousan


    I will handle this broker,only to see the price of Stock Market Indices and Metals and Oil easily at one view.
    Though it is regrettable,I can't trade with their dealer check.

    Because corresponding at once by the development compared
    with the change is my style.
    It is not possible to wait for five minutes or more and to do the requort of the price.

    Moreover, it contributes if there is something like can the report later.
  10. I appoligise but I'm not sure what your saying. If any one else knows and can word it better please do.
    But in checking out there demo I have experianced nothing undesirable.

    #10     Apr 18, 2006