Anyone with experience with TradeFreedom (Canada)?

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  1. Up here in the Great White North we don't have the selection in firm that's available south of the border. The only two I'm aware of is SwiftTrade and TradeFreedom. Anyone have any experience with TradeFreedom?
  2. My advice - just go with IB, dude.
  3. I have also looked at Tradefreedom. I don't think that they deal with futures trading though, and their commissions and data feed charges seem rather high. I have looked at IB, however they do not offer accounts for Canadian corporations. If anyone knows of a good broker to trade the emini contracts and accepts Canadian corporate clients, please let me know.

  4. IB is working on Cdn corporate accounts availability now.
  5. Any idea on the time frame? Any suggestions in the mean time?
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    Bright is also in Canada
  8. Broadway is also in Canada

    Terra-Nova (Real Tick) is also in Canada with JitneyGroups (check Press in website of TNO)
  9. I dont see any press releases regarding that. Do you have a link ? Is the broker names Jitney Groups? or do you mean firms that jitney TN trades in Canada?
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