Anyone Winning with FXCM??

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by achilles28, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Seems most posts concerning this broker are decidedly negative.

    Any non news traders consistently ***win*** with FXCM??

    Or is that more a bucketshop fairy tale? :)
  2. yes i did but they transferred me on the manual execution (before the non dealing system)

    so i closed the account and i'm planning now to refund my closed account with them to try the non dealing system

    and if anybody tried it ,,please post yr experience with it

    Regards ALL
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    Hey 4X,

    Whats your trading style? And I presume it was winning ;)
  4. virgin


    non-dealing desk is the SAME , search on ET
  5. no dealing desk platform is's the no holds barred market so if you're experienced with trading other markets then this will be more in line with what one would expect. overall, i still get better fills than what i would typically get trading equities/options especially around volatility.

    since i typically hold my trades for several hours to days at a time there is no real advantage/disadvantage for the way i take this into consideration.

    but depending on how you trade it will either be better or worse depending on what you need exactly for your approach.
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    Risktaker, how long have you been with FXCM?
  7. wrong. trust me. the quotes coming off the dealing desk go off market all the time.
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    I have been there for 3 years, if you aren't news traders, it's ok whatever platform, I'm swing trader.
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    Hi Walter,

    Care to share some of your history/experience with FXCM?

  10. Long story short. I noticed that their dealing desk quotes kept drifting off market (possibly to shake out stops). I took advantage of it and they booted me to non dealing desk tout suite.

    Here I was thinking I was providing them a service by fixing their quotes by forcing them back on market. I guess they wernt interested in offering accurate quotes. Oh well. There is no such thing as free money.

    That being said I guess I did walk away from FXCM after a week with a profit. So to answer the OP, I did win with FXCM :D For a short period of time.
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