Anyone who STILL questions Obama's legitimacy is flat out racist, psychotic or both

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  1. But probably just racist.
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  5. The latest birther rants:

    #1: Obama has Tri-Citizenship: US, British and Kenyan by birth via his Father. Any Citizenship beyond US voids his eligibility as the intent of the the constitution is the office of the president requires unwavering loyalty to the US.

    #2: Obama gave up his US Citizenship for Indonesian Citizenship and was adopted by his step father making him ineligible.

    #3: Hawaii was admitted as a state on August 21, 1959 but in 1993, a joint Apology Resolution regarding the overthrow was passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, apologizing for the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is the first time in American history that the United States government has apologized for overthrowing the government of a sovereign nation.

    United States Public Law 103-150, informally known as the Apology Resolution, is a Joint Resolution of the U.S. Congress adopted in 1993 that "acknowledges that the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States and further acknowledges that the Native Hawaiian people never directly relinquished to the United States their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people over their national lands, either through the Kingdom of Hawaii or through a plebiscite or referendum" (U.S. Public Law 103-150 (107 Stat. 1510)). The resolution has been cited as a major impetus for the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, and has been the subject of intense debate.

    So now they are claiming Hawaii is an independent kingdom and Obama is a citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

    Sheesh... I can't believe i've wasted 15 minutes of my life reading all of this BS.
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    Is it all a waste? You did learn a bit about Hawaiian history!
  8. No. Rather, you have yet to refer to him as a troll. Meanwhile, what I wrote in this thread is fairly undeniable. Plausible deniability is now out the window. You may not like Obama, you may not agree with his policies. But you can no longer question his legitimacy to hold office. If you do, then you are one of the above.

    As an aside, being obtuse does not add to your credibility.
  9. And, Ike who signed the act admitting HE did not have a valid BC; making the act invalid.

    It's so much more fun being on the side of the conspiracy.

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