"anyone who doesn't believe in god is crazy" - bill o'reilly

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. heard him say this tonight...

    easily his worst statement ever.
  2. Normally Bill O'Reily can get a little old but I'm glad to see that he errs on the side of logic this time.
  3. Yeah, i'm sure him and his $25M salary are hurting.
  4. do you have a point?

    o'reilly would rule if he wasn't plagued by religion and all its side effects.
  5. actually, no; this is a time when he's not using logic.

    just goes to show ya even intelligent people can be brainwashed.
  6. jem


    Gordon I just saw the repeat. He was pointing out how ironic it is that Strom had a grandson that was integrating Savannah while Strom was filibustering on the floor of the Senate. His point would be it is absurd to think that this is all random. Not that this proves there is a God. It was more of a "Can you believe this, If it was a Hollywood play you would say it was too farfetched.

    When you think about it in a world without a creator what is the likelihood of something like that happpening. How did life even happen. To belive all this is chance is absurd. It something on order of less likely than one in all the molecules in the universe.
  7. Actually, not so far fetched. There is even a psychoanalytic concept to describe this kind of defense mechanism- the "reaction formation".

    Clearly, Strom was attracted to young black women, was embarrassed about it, and subsequently spent the early part of his career railing against integration. The reaction formation was becoming a racist young politician.
  8. right, i understand what he said.

    in a population as large as america's, seemingly rare things happen all the time. i'm not surprised one bit a racist white male had a child with a black woman.

    that's logic. not being logical is saying, oh wow, that story is so incredible god must have done this on purpose!!! lmao

    i've said this before, but i'll say it again. after 9/11, when it was looking like NY was gonna win the world series, BILL O'REILLY CALLED IT "DIVINE INTERVENTION." well they lost and o'reilly never mentioned this again. lmaooooooooooooo
  9. jem


    The part that is interesting is not that strom liked black women while being against integration, it was that his grandson was one of the first students to integrate while he was in the senate arguing against it. It may have been going on concurrently. That is the hollywood script type thing.
  10. o'really needs a brain first.

    religion isn't his only problem, he is no deep thinker. i can't stand his rhetoric, he's an idiot.
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