Anyone watching treasuries?

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  1. Yields are indicating more short-term pain for bulls
  2. MR, can you elaborate more on that?
  3. Yeah, I'm selling Dec Notes at 123'15...keeping a close eye on it..

    I have a yield target of 2.93% and we are almost there..
    if that fails, we could run down to 2.59%, or about 128 in price...
  4. ???
  5. what???
  6. OP is saying that Spoo will shit the bed because of the flight to Treasuries...
    WHat I'm saying is that I have a resistance level in the notes which I will sell and reverse on signs that the resistance is not held...
  7. Surdo


    When you least expect it, you will see a full point drop, maybe more.... WHAM....SPANK in ZB!
  8.'s up 16 handles in 3 weeks tho...
    gotta be aware that this is a massive uptrend and probably going to lead to a blowoff top in the next few months or so..

    Potentially 135-136 in the ZB first...
  9. I know Japanese JGB are far from a picture perfect playbook for the US treasury bonds, but still worth a look IMO.

    Japanese gov. bond yields started imploding after their bubble burst and then kept creeping lower and stayed low for a long time, even until today as 10y JGB yield 1.375%. I understand all the arguments ("money printing" = "future inflation"), but how can anyone rule out a replay of this:

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    That's what stops are for, I am not holding these for "HANDLES"....just tics my friend, I sleep much better!

    I just get on the train and go for a little choochoo ride.
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