Anyone watching this testimony on Bloomberg? (pay related)

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  1. I'm going to ask a very blunt question:

    Why are the white guys kissing this panel's asses, and the black people the only ones with the balls to challenge them?

    I think we need to get rid of this old crusty white political 'representation' we supposedly have ... they don't do much representing...
  2. uh,,,,,

    4 more years....,

    wonder why that keeps coming to mind....

    when everyone else is losing their dreams, credit scores, last bottom dollars, these guys on the panel were appologizing for bringing them to Congress to testify and explain what they have been able to shut everybody else's mouths on.....

    far as I am concerned, they need to adjust their taxes retroactively and introduce all of them, not just those testifying, to ......

    what all the rest of us working guys out here are getting.....
  3. LOL Bush's America...

    You guys voted for him twice!

    FUCKIN' TWICE!!!!!

  4. don't remind me.. (i didn't personally ... i voted twice democrat) ... but its true -- bush is a representation of the powerful right in the US, which happens to be a powerful half of this country. quite a dichotomy.
  5. Hey it was either him or Kerry last time. Bush may have skipped out on some National Guard drills or whatever but Kerry was planting fake wounds on himself and writing himself up for false medals. Being freshly out of the military at the time that did it for me. It was either don't vote, or vote for Bush.

    I was in boot camp during the first election so I didn't get to vote.
  6. Other than the war (which you could debate for years), what bush policy was sooooo horrible?

  7. Casey30


    I actually don't think you could debate the war being a complete disaster. It is a FACT that it has been a political and financial drain on this country. I thought the mission was accomplished back in 04' when he landed on the aircraft carrier. Why are we still there?

    As for other issues:

    Complete mishandling of Katrina

    The California Energy crisis in the beginning of the decade in which he played hands off as the energy companies extorted billions in profits through market manipulation.

    The Federal Debt has more then doubled since he took office.(he never vetoed a spending bill until the democrats took control in 06')

    He never fixed Social Security like he had promised.

    The Prescription Drug program which is costing a fortune.

    What was gas and oil at when he took office $1/GAL and $25/BL?

    Avg Real incomes have not risen in this country above 1999 levels, the first time this has happened during an economic expansion since the depression I think.

    Should I continue or is that enough?
  9. Casey30


    Bush still thinks the economy is great and there are no problems. The guy needs to wake up from his life long slumber. I think both you, Bush, and the other 20% of americans who still like him should take off your rose colored glasses and wake up to what has been going on in this country for the last 30 years.
  10. Complete mishandling of Katrina

    Their is a protocol for states to follow re disasters. The state governor had to ask the fed for assistance. Then the fed "assists". The state did not ask for help in a timely manner. The law has since been changed. You can blame the fed and Bush all you want but the governor did not do her job.
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