Anyone watching the "Pacific?"

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  1. On HBO.

    Tonight was the second of ten episodes about the U.S. Marines in WWII during their campaign to kick the Japanese out of the Pacific starting with Guadalcanal.

    Very powerful stuff.
  2. saw part 1...not too bad but i expect great things from the producers of BAND OF BROTHERS. that;'s an incredible series. hope PACIFIC is just as good
  3. Does a fair job of depicting the madness and terror of combat. Should be a good series. I had an uncle that fought on Tarawa and had the honor of serving with a guy that fought on Iwo Jima, Sgt. Major Amar. Dude had fought in WW II, Korea and Nam. One tough old bird, had this weird glass eye which was just a blue marble. Really took care of his men in the 4/11.
  4. Thanks for your reply,

    My great hope is that it does justice to those great Marines. VE and the Battle for Europe has has been done and told many times. This story has not been told on realistic modern film.

    Truth be known... I have a special interest in this version of this story. The writers and producers of the "Pacific," based at least part of their story on the memoir's of Eugene Sledge

    My Grandfather was Bert Sledge... Eugene's first cousin. Bert was in the Navy and killed at Pearl.

    I know you were in the shit and even though we may disagree on some things you have my admiration and total respect.

  5. Really, I read "With the old breed" several years ago. Good read! I can't even imagine the scale of the fighting and killing those old dogs went through. I'm just grateful they had the stones to see it through.
    You have my respect as well. Be kind of a boring place if we all agreed, all the time.:D Semper Fi brutha'.