Anyone watching the debates?

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    Max E.

    Romney finally took the gloves off, and bitch slapped Newt, basically got Newt to come out and admit he lobbied for medicare part D, he actually made gingrich freeze up for a few seconds, , plus he got him on lobbying for freddie as well

    About time Romney took a couple decent swings.
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    Have not watched one yet.
    It is good to hear Romney took a swing. I was beginning to wonder if he even had a pair.
  3. Two second rate hedge fund managers duking it out to manage our money.


    The academic who can't do but "teaches".

    I present..

    Michael Buffer................

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    Some of Newts cement shoes were exposed since the public has such a short memory. But Newt releasing only his 2006 contract with Freddie Mac doesn't answer the questions. There must be some wording to hide in the other years contracts.

    I think the Rasmussen poll showing Newt leaping to the front of the pack says either it is an outlier or voters are easily swung back and forth with emotion and little substance at this point.
  5. Well that's clear. How can Rick Santorum go from a consistent 1% to 17% in just a few weeks? Something ain't right.
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    Yep, Romney really went on the attack, and it was nice to see the moderator let it go for a bit.

    Even though Newt only released the 2006 contract, Romney nailed him on the fact that while he insisted he wasn't lobbying, he reported directly to Freddie's main lobbyist. I would've hammered the fact that he chose to only release one of four years.

    Very rare to see Newt freeze up and go speechless for a few seconds. Those few seconds seemed like an eternity, and his answer wasn't really very good afterward.

    Romney also tried to pin Newt on being the only speaker forced into resignation. Newt tried to play it off as a recognition on his part that someone else would be better for the party. Taking on for the team sort of approach. Then surprisingly, Paul jumped in and claimed he was there, and that isn't how it went down at all, suggesting that Mitt was right and that Newt was forced into resignation.
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    "Anyone watching the debates?"

    No, not here.

    I expect Newt will probably win Florida. Its sort of predictable.

    The GOP establishment will start really going crazy from this point forward. Newt faces attack from every direction. Its hard to see how he gets past that. I saw Thomas Lifson attacking Newt today on his site. You can't win if the entire GOP opposes you.

    And yet...I'm detecting something out there.

    Conservatives all across the country are deciding they don't want a yankee liberal flip-flopper candidate who was a corporate raider and keeps offshore accounts to avoid paying US taxes.

    I mean, Romney was a tax and spend liberal when he was Governor. He is the father of Obamacare which is effectively a liberal/socialist proposition. His tax returns will likely show he paid *zero* taxes last year. He seems to change his position whenever it suits his ambitions.

    If Newt is unsuitable then maybe it is time to consider Ron Paul. His positions don't change with the wind, he is clearly conservative on socio-economic issues. The younger portion of the electorate is crazy about him. Others here on ET have pointed out that he gets overwhelming support from those serving in the military. He pays his taxes. I don't understand his foreign policy but he is working hard to explain his position in that area more clearly.

    Romney said he has only drank a beer once in his entire life. There is no way I could trust a robot like that. I imagine there must be others that feel the way I do about him. Maybe one or two.

    The democrats *want* Romney to be the nominee. For them its win/win because even if he defeats Obama they'll get socialized medicine, big government and most of the stuff Obama works towards. Romney and Obama are nearly indistinguishable with regard to policy.

    None of these guys is going to beat Obama. A Gingrich/Obama general election would be the most entertaining and entertainment value is about all that is going to come out of this whole thing. Might as well vote on principle and enjoy the fight.

    Does anybody else think Calista is hot? I must be getting old. :D
  8. Yep, when I saw that ex for the current, I said to myself, well, I can see why he upgraded, she is good looking, but Maybelline and proper clothing can hide an awful lot.

    Regarding the GOP. They have it worked out thru 2016. This is why Christie is toeing the party line. He is the man in 2016. He will have lost a great deal of weight and done well by a tough to run state. He is the man. And, no, Mittens will not tap him for VP. Never good to pick a VP who is stronger than you. Look at Bush/Cheney.

    When George Will, the conservative DON of the GOP says that Newt sucks, then Newt sucks. That is why Newt is balls out. He has absolutely nothing to lose. He is trying to split the GOP and play a gambit that there are more on the hard right than in the center.

    I predict he will lose that gambit simply because he does not have the ground game to compete with Mittens. We will see. If msnbc starts pushing Newt, then you know what the deal is. They are betting, correctly, that Newt is going to blow up the party.

    As you said before, by that time the script will be written. The party of the one percenters will be running a true blue one percenter, Mittens loses. Obama till 2016. By then, we will be in deeper trouble, but the masses will not know it is because we are at the end of Empire, and it does not matter who is in office. 2016 will be like 2008. If you have (D) behind your name, you are gone. Christie comes in with a supermajority Congress.
  9. One more thing 377, the hard right will sit before they vote for Mittens. They have done it before, they will do it again. When Rush FINALLY got behind McCain, it was a week before the general. By then his listeners understood the newspeak. They stayed home.

    You are right about Mittens and the Dems. I can tell you no one will be really all that pissed if Mittens does win. He is a "Massachusetts Moderate" GOP newspeak for liberal.

    So your analysis is decent, you seem to have this thing put together, at least you are a realist.
  10. Epic


    Already happened last night. Watching the debate in real-time, Newt got absolutely pounded by the other three. He even found himself at a loss for words and his only comeback was a childish, "I know you are, but what am I?"

    MSNBC immediately begins telling how no matter how hard they tried, all of the attacks just ran off his back. He is untouchable.

    In reality, Romney killed him on influence peddling, and Paul flat out caught him in a lie on resigning from the house. Santorum crushed him on 20 years of support for an individual mandate. By far one of Newt's worst debate performances, and rivals the one where Bachman and Paul laid into him and he dropped like a rock in Iowa.
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