Anyone watching the debates tonight?

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  1. after doing a bit of research i can come to the conclusion that this housing "bubble" started with the democrats and the notion that everyone should have an affordable. Also, it the attempt to avert this crisis was made TWICE by the bush administration but voted against by the democrats as recently as 4 years ago.

    ALSO watching the debates tonite and McCain is actually sounding intelligent for once.

    my vote before this debate was D now i may have to change my mind.
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    I'm impressed with McCain as well, as far as govt waste. I'm still not voting for him though.

    Notice that Obama is wearing his flag pin, McCain is not. :p

    These are both good candidates.
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    McCain's jab that Obama has the most liberal voting record in congress was effectively parried when Obama rebutted by mentioning he is working with Tom Coburn on the Google for Govt plan.
  4. McCain is weak... I heard him snicker a couple of times and his trademark "my friends". I wanna see what the polls say about it.
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    Oh yes, Obama SLAMMING McCain on the Iraq war! McCain is fidgeting now.
  6. I think Obama has had the best jab so far: mccain has been harping about cutting spending when he's voted with bush 90% of the time, who has spent more in his administration than all the other ones COMBINED.
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    This crap is cementing my decision to vote Obama. I do not give a flying rats ass if Iraq has prosperity, democracy, etc. It ain't our problem, never was.
  8. Notice that Obama looks at McBush when McBush is talking, but McBush looks forward, alternating grinding his teeth and forcing a smile when Obama speaks.

    Also, noticing that Obama calls McBush, but McBush won't address Obama as Obama...

    The hostility from McBush is palpable.

    On the budget, Obama points out how we struggle, yet Iran has a surplus as we send billions there.

    WTF is up with that?
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    Who the hell is winning this thing? All I can think is YAWN!
  10. McCain's biggest problem now is most of the independent voters don't care about the
    "surge", but whether their bank will be there tomorrow...

    My bank is wachovia it would be a (slight) psychological blow for me to see it fail
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