Anyone watching Harley? (HDI)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DaveWeis, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Just curious if anyone else out there is watching Harley. Their q2 report comes out on the 17th and I am hoping to hear some good results. Motorcycle sales should be good from spring/early summer and early August always seems to do good things for harley..I assume because of the Sturgis biker rally. Anyway, Im thinking of getting in within the next couple days..Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    How long do you plan on staying in this? The reason I ask is because on the daily chart it looks like they are in a bullish flag pattern. Based on it you could go long on a breakout of the flag. So I would say go long at about 55. Here is a chart for you.

  3. DaveWeis


    The length of time really depends on the change that occurs in the next 8 or 9 days I would say.
    I consider hitting it twice though..If they do jump I might take my profits and then wait for a decline and then get back in again around the 1st or 2nd of august..I guess I am still a little unsure.. :)
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    The main reason I asked is that if you plan on daytrading it you might be a little disappointed but if you plan on being in it a little longer then you might have something. Good luck on it.
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    Ohhh ahah. Sorry I'm out of it. Yea, it would be a swing trade.
  6. dac8555


    i check on it occasionally. To be honest..i wouldnt touch it for a few reasons (this is subjective based on your time horizon obviosly)

    1. market indices going into a bearish pattern
    2. Many people buy Harleys on credit...interst rates are rising
    3. economy is softening, lessenins descretionary purchased like this
    4. the chart doesnt show any real direction...just stuck in a trading range.
    5. Harleys and that style of moto have been a bit of a "fad" type product the past 10+ years. these fads often taper off.

    other than "hoping" for a good earnings report...what else do you see here?

    good luck.


    buying stocks just before earnings. Your either mad or you know something.
  8. Pekelo


    If I remember correctly, last time the report was good, but the outlook bad, thus the stock dropped AFTER the report. So a good report itself is not guarantee for a rosy future. Consider this:

    1. Biking is still a luxury in America, as compared to transportation in other countries. With the current gasprices, more and more people will cut back on this luxury, or choose a cheaper, more economic Japanese bike.

    2. Generally any individual stock goes where the market goes. Currently the political enviroment is not positive for stocks...

    In general, I wouldn't invest in biking or boating products, because of record gasprices...
  9. They just announced $99 bike offers last week. It was on Real Money, Street Insight. Seems they sit on a lot of inventory.

    Short HDI.
  10. From a fundamental point I would be very careful.

    The New 2007 lineup was announced last week and huge preorders are coming in, including Mine.:D!231461441!-1522126345&locale=en_US

    New engine, tranny, susp and tons of other changes.

    These new bikes are going to be big sellers. I went to a small dealer last Sat, he had 18 bikes preordered in 2 days, unseen for delivery next month.

    Be careful.
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