Anyone watch CNBC's Fast Money?

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    What do you think about this show? I don't think it's so bad.
    I like the idea of four traders giving point/counterpoint much better than the Mad Money format where Cramer spoon feeds his zombies.

    Also, unlike Cramer, these guys talk about shorting, calls, puts, futures, TA etc...
  2. Thanks for the heads up. What time is it on?
  3. yes, i watched it. its a good show. very much directed at active traders. the guy from todd harrison's group is top notch....

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    Usually on Wednesday nights at 8:00 but they are on again tonight (Thursday) at 8:00.
  5. thanks ess.
  6. is that the show with eric bolling from NYMEX?
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  8. Prob with the show is it's pitched as an inside baseball take on short-term trading, but then they go on there and talk about Nordstrom's and Wal-mart.

    You know the condescension that you feel when any hedge fund manager goes on CNBC and you know he's not telling the host about the massive short he as in gold as it's making new highs while all of retail is piling in... similar transparency on Fast Money.
  9. Gee. I wonder if they ever recommend a position so they can take the other side of it.

  10. Thought it was much more entertaining/ informative then Cramer's piece of crap show. I don't trade stocks so I have no opinion on whether it will make you any money.
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