anyone wants to connect by telegram

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by padutrader, May 28, 2018.

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    • How about smoke signals?
    • I'm in touch with a few ET members via smoke signals.
  2. slightly inefficient but effective.....

    but off topic
  3. wrbtrader


    What does "telegram" have that modern technology does not have ???

    Seriously, you talking about the telegram software like @ ???

  4. yes
    it may not be very unique but you can talk free, send charts,message..
    there may be others too
  5. maxinger


    Nowadays who use telegram?

    I thought it is already obsoleted?
  6. i am just looking to chit chat with traders since in my decades of trading i have not one trader friend.
    now i have made two friends with whom i am in contact outside of ET.

    it will not be serious or topic oriented like here in ET, just to have some human contact with other traders and like mindedness and also get some understanding and encouragement which non trader contacts just cannot appreciate since they have no clue about the life pressures dreams of a trader

    i hope this clears why i am asking for contact outside of ET

    there will be no soliciting done and any such thing will be frowned upon
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  7. I'm not sure who is joking and who isn't, but I honestly wasn't sure if it was a telegram or some new communications things with that name.
  8. you mean the postal telegram ?
  9. check it out
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