Anyone want to split the cost for OpenQuant for ECHO

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by 1_________1, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a ATS that is compatible with ECHO... none is. I had spoken with the owner asking how much it would cost in order to make it compatible with ECHO. He said around $9000. I'm not willing to pay $9000, but if someone would like to split it with me that'd be great.

    PM ME
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    the Echo's API would be as good as you think. it doesn't hold more than 100 symbol on real time
    y wouldn't u write your own provider code in QD?
  3. I didn't know you could do that?
  4. giladbi


    look at the help page or ask them how to do that
    but you can match eacho echo data to a specific QD provider data
    i didn;t do it but told it can be done
  5. with a name like 1_______1 i'm almost afraid to think what you would wear to a dinner party.
  6. I actually might be interested in the deal...

    1) I'm looking to switch prop firms, but don't have a series 7, I see that Echo requires one. so i'd have to get that

    ~ I'm familiar with the software and agree it would definitely be a great choice, especially when they put out the mult strategies verision.

    if I decide to go that route i'll let you know.
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