Anyone want to sell their license to Van Tharps "Secrets of the Masters" game?

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  1. Looking into optimizing position sizing, just want to fool around with it.

    This seems like an interesting way to go about it...

    However, $200 is a lot for something I just want to fool around with. Wondering if anyone would be interesting in doing a license transfer.

    Please PM me if you're interested.
  2. No one needs to make a few extra $$$ after the crazy past few days?
  3. Geez tough crowd.
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    If the secrets arn't for sale , how will van tharp get a copy?
  7. Compulsive aka Van Tharp's alter ego bequeathed them to him after the cataclysm. Crazy stuff I know, but truth is stranger than fiction.
  8. Here's an electronic version of his book, if the upload doesn't go through, just drop me a PM with an email I can shoot it to you.
  9. Here's a video version of Disciplined Trading
    how to trade your way to financial freedom
    by Van Tharp

    Disciplined Trading Video, part 1 of 6

    It's on youtube, and has six episodes, this is only the first one.

    Good trading.
    Side question for anyone who wants to take a shot at it.

    In video 5 or 6, he starts quoting stats on the number of theoritical consecutive losses a system may potentially have (for example a system that has a 60% win rate can theoritically have 20 consecutive losses).

    Does anyone know how he calculates the number of consecutive losses of a system based on its win rate?

  10. I think it is important to recognize that VKT is not known for his trading acumen. Perhaps as a result of his interview in Schwager's Market wizards, he has gone on to become quite the mass marketeer.
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