Anyone want to hook up in Englewood, NJ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jack hershey, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. For one of the CNBC shows?
  2. Ezzy


    When in NJ?

    How about the San Diego Expo?
  3. we will do that later

    This is for the CNBC millionaire show

    I have to have my panel Q's in by 6 eastern time today (Weds) So does my guest. I wanted to pow wow on Q's

    I am submitting my profile and Q's in 30 mins. (9am tucson time)
  4. chartie


    How does this work? Any "rules"? :)

    BTW their new HQ is in Englewood Cliffs, next to Englewood but right by the Hudson River and closer to GWB.
  5. 900 Sylvan ave.

    I assume Newark or Teterbough (sp) is good landing area.

    they do pick ups at rockefeller center.

    I am using web name of trader666 for the TV show.

    I declined first three shows. Wanted to get involved after the shake out on the problems.
  6. It is invitation only from what their emails said

    And they require Q's for participation in show to be submitted in advance.

    The dress code is business causal (no cowboy boots or hat for me.)

    I am dealing with timing both entry and exit, bad entry resolution and stock selection alternatives for compressing the compound interest formula cycle to increase the exponent.
  7. Ezzy


    Be sure to let us know when it airs
  8. chartie


    Invitation from CNBC? Or from you? :)

    If I got an invitation, do I still need to submit Q’s in advance? Or it’s vice versa?

    Guess no ET t-shirt allowed :( ... How about high heels? :p

    What’s the date?
  9. sorry I was out of pocket today. I'm being overhauled again.

    It is a weekly show. Fridays. Prime time.
  10. chartie


    Sorry, 'cause couldn’t find any info on their site. :(

    Please keep us updated with your appearance date(s).

    Will try to be there "rooting" for you. :)
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