anyone vlite a vista for NinjaTrader ?

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  1. if so any dos/don'ts

    in particular the Vista Home Premium edition
  2. some comments by an xp nlite user:

    r2kTrader: "Just be careful when you use nLite. Make sure you include
    legacy odbc drivers, etc. You may have issues with NT and Jet 4.0 (for
    some reason they are using .mdb files instead of MSDE)
    XPLite is nice as well, but there is nothing like nLite. Also, I actually got
    my XP to run and start up and work perfect with only 6 services running
    Also, here is something you might want to consider. Do a factory install of
    your system. Let it put all the garbage in. Then download and install
    Drivermax, run the full driver backup and put it on a thumb drive.
    Then do your nlite install. Then install just the drivers you backed up using
    driver max. The result is all the drivers without all the junk software they
    install. (do you really need another utility to manage your wireless card? or
    Network card?) The only exception (there may be more) is if you want to
    install something like ATI's control panel, etc. I have found you don't need
    to and you can still manage your multiple monitors.
    Also, for all of you with Multiple Computers, with 2 sets of mice &
    keyboards on your trading desk, have a look at Synergy (1.3.1, it's gpl
    open sourced).
    It allows you to have as many PCs as you want, all from one of the PCs
    keyboard/mouse. So as I write this, I have 3 notebooks running. I can
    move the mouse to the left and it jumps onto the notebook on the left and
    then the same for the right. Then I have one monitor on each notebook, so
    I have 6 monitors on 3 notebooks. All controlled from a single mouse/kb.
    I find this better than 1 mambo PC because I can "dish" a strategy to
    compile on one of the notebooks, then test on another and program and
    then trade on the 3rd. So I can be highly active without having everything
    come crumbling down or have to restart strategies due to reboots, etc.
    As far as services, I don't use networking other than internet and I just
    manually create a host file with each PCs name and IP in it and I set my
    router to give the same IP address to each PC based on MAC address
    (but hard coded the ip address on the lan card and disabled DHCP to kill
    another service.) You will be amazed at how much faster your PC runs
    when you kill all the services relating to networking and just use your host
    file for resolution. Also, in your TCP settings on your lan and/or wifi card,
    (and maybe QoS, but I think that is a waste as well)
    Also, get Cacheset from MSFT's website and set it to be equal to 10% of
    your total memory and have it run on start up (you will need to create a
    .cmd file and add to your startup folder, don't bother with the scheduled
    task howto, it's not worth it and doesn't work well.)
    Here is a list of the only services running on my XP box. (also, get
    JKDefrag, it's fast and lean)
    Crypto Service
    DCOM S proc
    DNS Client
    Event Log
    Plug and Play
    Remote Proc
    Security Accts
    Windows Audio
    Windows Management
    You won't get that "autoplay" crap (when you insert a CD or the like,
    windows helps you by saying "what do you want to do" open/burn/blah
    blah or whatever.)
    You won't have lag due to all that networking crap. Just good old plain
    tcp/ip stack. Internet will work fine and your feeds will have less
    competition with netbios crap and windows trying to "find" network
    locations and crap for you. No broadcast packets clouding up your tcp
    Get lean and setup your PC to trade."