Anyone using TradeNavigator?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by osorico, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Demo starts tommorrow. Charting looks like it rivals eSignal, templates and all.

    Comments about real-time, live execution/clearing/orders etc greatly appreciated.

  2. After using the demo for the first 3 hours this AM, my opinion is...

    Trade Navigator is not yet ready for prime time. Definately worth keeping an eye on though.

    PM if you want some specifics.

  3. I use trade is top notch for system development, strategy implementation, and money management.
  4. katesdp


    Works great.

    The videos are very good as well.
  5. I take this back.

    While I did encounter some significant issues, they have been solved.

    Not only did I receive a call from company Pres, I worked directly with a programmer, before the market open today, to solve the issues (and verified a bug or two).

    Bottomline... I was too hasty to say it wasn't ready for prime time. And having the ability to speak directly with the people who are capable of fixing and/or changing things is a priceless bonus.

    Demo day 2, all systems go. :)

  6. jeffgil


    anyone here want a demo - register here and I will take care of rest. We only need a name, email and phone.

    I know this is pushy...but I believe traders interested in a chart / order entry combo with TradeStation like features should really try it out for themselves rather than rely on random posts from who knows.
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    What do they charge for it?

    Does anyone answer to this question?


  8. If you have to can't afford it! :)
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  10. I bought my copy, for around 2k....a little over a year ago, that might be a better way to go.
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