Anyone using the old AHG method sucessfuly?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by AHGChat, May 24, 2013.

  1. AHGChat


    With these markets having every dip bought I suppose the method has been working well, right?
  2. Pigsky


    i doubt it very much

    anek has proven as a fraud, using multiple alias accounts to talk to himself and sing his own praises

    most likely he is not a money maker trader.......... and therefore it is good reason to guess none of his follower make money either

    the people who claim to make money in his method were just him under a different acccount name

    after he leave ET for first time, to retire from trading, he really never leave, but instead create new accounts and indentity and start bs-ing again with the new names.

    sorry for bad news.........
  3. toolazy


    any method goes if buying only when markets go up, including AHG, i bet.

    The trick is to determine when markets turned so you stop doing buy only with xxx method.
  4. I was under the impression that no one used the original AHG method (because it didn't work?) and instead they switched to price action and calling tops and bottoms.
  5. Source?
  6. Most definitely a good trader but uses ET to entertain himself, and no, I would not trade how he described in his journal, it is all one big mockery.
  7. wrbtrader


    Why would you use an alias with the "AHG" in it unless you enjoy using the method. Therefore, shouldn't you be able to answer your own question about if the method is working well or not. :confused:

    Therefore, you using the method and if so...

    * What do you trade ?

    * You happy so far with your trading results via AHG regardless to which type of AHG your using ?
  8. Are you saying the journal was mocking ET users and feeding them disinformation? In other words, Anek trades differently than how he presented it in the thread and just did that to confuse people?
  9. Pigsky


    I discover several ET users in the thread 'Simple Price Action Approach' were using same image shack account for hosting images, and the user name on the account was "Anek1969"
    not long after i expose this, the image shack account was deleted, so that evidence is gone, but not before many on ET saw the proof of it.

    "Simple Price action approach" :
    The following user in that thread were posting image from the same imageshack account, with username of Anek1969 on that imageshack account:
    ES.Dreamer, noaveragingdown, CrazyAtrader
    There was also username 'anglagard' who was posting as a struggling trader, and his pic links were coming from the same Anek1969 imageshack account. later he was "mentored" by CrazyAtrader.... when in reality both are same person.
    here is where i give proof of all that:

    So after Anek leave ET, he continue posting under those new names. But wait, he was also using alias names during his original run on ET forum.... See this proof:

    Look at this post, gushing praises of Anek from a first time poster, this was his first post on ET. says "I'm getting it and getting it good"

    now this:
    so Anek who wont trade live in front of anyone, is willing to do so for a 1st post newbie who is allegedly already successful?
    Why not help some of those who are struggling?
    suspect that daniel33 is an Anek alias
    more BS it's sickening..... again why wont Anek trade live like this in front of all his forum followers who struggle? its only to this brand new person who claims to already be profitable????
    Looks at this LOLOLOL............Anek has decided to "take a rest" (wink, wink) and look at the post above....... a guy tells people to stop trolling the thread. So while Anek is supposedly "gone" good ol daniel chimes in within 30 minutes that he just asked Anek who some other good ET posters are and he named this guy LOLOL too good!

    Now recall from Daniel's first posting on Oct 3 2007, he claimed to be successful trading 2 contracts and was going to bump it up to 3. he was "getting it and getting it good". He said that as of Oct 2007 he had been trading live cash futures for 4 weeks and been very profitable after several months on sim testing Anek's system. A week later he again reiterated he was doing very well.
    He must have forgotten that when he wrote these posts in August 2008 (10 months later)..................
    says he would love to trade futures but they are too leveraged for his limited capital, also says he just graduated from sim after 3 years of practice But wait......... 10 months ago he said he was already very profitable trading cash futures thanks to Anek!!!

    Here's another post on that where he says he's a piker who is only now going to cash and 2-3 contracts is too much for him - but 10 months ago he say he was already trading 2-3 contracts and very profitable thanks to Anek. LOLOL! What happen to getting it and getting it good?

    Now let's see what daniel33 (aka Anek) is posting recently, now he has resume using that username.... :)

    Nothing terrible but typical of his other aliases he is making hints of his self-professed superior trading skills
    he say "I've never read a book that even begins to grasp concepts in technical analysis that I use on a daily basis."
    quote: "I'm just hinting another level of trading, one that obviously neither of you two have experienced before."
    quote : "I have scalps that fluctuate in capital more than this."

    LOL - How much longer before he decides to make another phony educational thread like "A simple price action approach"?

    Don't forget this is the same guy who was in this thread
    He posts under his CrazyA alias on page 1
    "You must not know how to enter with micro stops. What you said it's what is typically said, unless you learn."
    and when he was mocked, he signed in under his ESDreamer alias on page 3 to defend himself
    quote: "I know from first hand experience Crazy A is one of those virtuoso traders that can do it."

    sorry for the bad news but Anek was a F R A U D ! :(
  10. wrbtrader


    His method doesn't work because he created multiple aliases to praise himself or his method doesn't work because you used it and it didn't work for you :confused:
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