Anyone using Sterling Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 7rader, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I just started with this software today, and id hafta say...HELP!!!!!

    to be honest i think the prosper pro they use at swift trade is better than this software! i hate it, but i gotta use it....sooooo

    anyone out there have the patience to go through setting up keys with me =D

    n yes ive read the users guide already....but im still confused:confused:
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  3. Sterling isn't always top notch, but worse than prosper pro ? LOL, come on, prosper pro is way way WAY worse.

    Having traded several years on both platforms, I can say that only 2 or 3 times I had a moment that STerling didnt reflect my position correctly. This happened almost an infinite amount of times on prosper pro ( I remember having to call the ecn's myself to get fill reports, almost daily).

    Worst thing that ever happened on Prosper pro:
    * One day corbita exchanged the buy/sell buttons, this still is the biggest losing day in swift history as i know of
    * It had issues with orders bigger than 100,000 lots, fills would not report correctly. I remember that my blotter showed being flat on RBAK, just before close, then all of a sudden, a 1,300,000 shares short position popped into my blotter, 5 minutes after close. Of course the market was gone so i had to go overnight.
    * I remember how we had a period of months where orders would irradically have 5-10 seconds delays
    * GBOL !!!! AAAAAAARGH. That term was being screamed through our office almost daily. Connection lost, nothing you could do but just sit there and watch your trades go against you.
    * One day a trader found out that by kicking his PC (physically) he could crash the whole company !! Seriously, not only our office but swift as a whole. Can you believe that ?

    Basically the main problem with prosper pro is that it's one big patch. Did you know for example that internally, Problem Pro still uses fractions (the older traders will know that before decimals, the markets used fractions). So, as of today, prosperpro still uses fractions: it converts the decimal quotes it gets from the markets to fractions, transports the fractional quotes to the users, where the front end again calculate the decimal equivalent before sending it to your L2 screen. THAT is exactly what is wrong with prosperpro. They keep patching and patching and patching. They should just dump the whole thing and create something from start.
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    i shoulda followed up on this thread but i totally forgot, your right sterling is way better than prosperpro///but on my first day using sterling it didnt seem like it bc i had so many problems, but all were fixed the next day. it was mainly due to getting my account setup, ect so things were not exactly working normally....
    but im happy to say ive been now using it for 2 weeks and im pretty happy with it, still havent gotten the hot keys set, or figured out how to use trailing stops, but its been good.
  5. Sterling is by no means perfect and god knows, we had our share of bullshit with sterling as well. However, I was just reacting to your first quote how prosper pro would be better. I'm glad you changed your opinion.

    If a GOOD system, like Lightspeed, would be a ferrari, then Sterling would be a Volkswagen and Problem Pro would be a Trabbant.