Anyone using StarLink to trade?

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  1. Not looking for a speed improvement, per se, but more about reliability. The speed would just be a bonus.

    Here is Seattle area StarLink is reporting 16ms latency. Better than the 40ms. Also interested in the actual ping to Central IB servers, which for me is about 125ms. But it is very reliable.

    Starlink would be a backup connection. Fixed hardwire, Cell, and Starlink are the choices.
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    When fully operational starlink will communicate from satellite to satellite by laser and will be faster than fibre. A lot of financial data and trades will communicate this way.
  3. Yep, and the first deployments are covering the Chicago-NY route. Speed of light in a vacuum is better than through glass and has no twists or turns.
    I am interested in the ping to IB because the earth base station could be very close to the servers at the broker-exchanges. So theoretically, I could go from a remote location, to a satellite in low orbit, to another low orbit satellite, to a ground station right next to the servers. Also this would avoid the internet connections on the backbone that might go down or be rerouted because of congestion.
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    Likely be great short term, but when it's got 1000's+++ of people streaming Netflix to 1 small low power cube sat I'd bet the bandwidth and the latency will become much worse, but if your part of the world has good fibre then you might get lucky with few users using that sat over head ??

    Fun to play with either way, smart tech, does it drop connection occasionally when the dish moves to track next sat ?? sub 1 second but every 3 - 5 mins I'd guess, maybe longer as higher orbit than ISS I think ??
  5. I always thought Starlink is only good for remote areas that have no internet - otherwise you are better off with the local service. You don't need it in Seattle.
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    Which is why he might pretty well get that Sat to himself then really fast speeds, depends on the routing if it'll bounce back to nearer ground station or just to a local 1.
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    Starship, the new spacex rocket, will be able to put 400 satellites into orbit compared with 60 by falcon.
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  8. A $40 internet plan will most likely be better than Starlinks $100 plan plus $500 for the antenna.
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    I am currently using an AT&T reseller of cellular data (4G) and a backup with Verizon (4G). My problem with this setup is my latency often exceeds 150ms AND sometimes the upload is under 1mbps. There are no other options where I am now other than Hughesnet satellite.

    If things go my way in the next year I may be moving within my State for an even MORE rural area. I dislike living among a lot of people so as rural as I can get is on the agenda.

    I signed up for Starlink pre-order this past weekend. From the reports I have seen from beta testing latency is under 40ms and upload speeds are well over 7mbps. I'm not too concerned about download speed as long as it's over 20mbps.

    My current setup costs 160 dollars per month. Even if I have to keep the Verizon backup the cost will be a wash.
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    are you trading on international waters?
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