Anyone using RealTick? CQG?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jahajee, May 25, 2006.

  1. comments? good? bad?
  2. Truff


    Realtick is great. CQG is nice, used to use it. better platforms out there now IMHO
  3. Truff:
    Thanks. Which would you consider better?
  4. Truff


    apples and oranges. I use realtick for charting and trading stocks. I would never trade futures on it.
  5. i have used realtick since 1998 ... couldn't use another platform ..however .. sometimes their servers lag in fast markets ... make sure you have a powerful processor, lots of ram and a fast broadband connection ...

  6. mats


    I use realtick for trading stocks with connection to arca, inet, smontage and brut. There are some interesting order types like peg bid, peg offer, discretionary etc etc Software is o.k.
  7. For stocks:

    would you consider realTick superior to tbe rest? any package better?

    For futures:
    would you consider realTick superior to tbe rest? any package better?

    for Futures & Stocks?
    Realtick the best? anything better?

    For Futures & Stocks
    Realtick the best? what's better?

    I am leaning towards Realtick...possibly CQG.... maybe eSignal....what abou tTradeStation?

    It appears as if one can't get a single package that will provide the best data serice ( reliability, consistenct, updated ASAP etc) together with a powerful charting product. Comments?
  8. Why? I trade futures on it every day, and have never had one problem.
  9. hmmm...given a choice between realtick and cqg my choice would be cqg - dont' even have to think about it. But be warned - CQG = Expensive and non-standard interface. But really good customer service, product features and data feed.

  10. Truff


    I didn't say it had problems, i said i wouldn't use it for futures, thats all
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